show car door prop rodThe Doorstopper provides the user a method of holding a vehicle door in the open position, providing for viewing the interior of the vehicle while preventing unauthorized access to the vehicle.  It also permits the door to be locked and the alarm system to be set so you can leave your vehicle unattended while at a show or other event.  The Doorstopper comes in a 16” length and is available in a variety of finishes and several styles to fit most GM vehicles from 1969 to present and other select vehicles. Each pair of Doorstoppers comes with a handy storage bag.

Which model do you need?

It all depends on your latch configuration. Two basic latch types have been used on most cars manufactured since the 70’s — the single post and the newer double post. In each case these latch designs started showing up at different times on various models from all manufacturers.

Single Post: Model C34

The single post type began showing up on GM cars in the late 60’s, and the infamous Bear Claw used by many Street Rodders is of this type.

doorstopper c34

doorstopper c34

If your latch looks like this, order the C34. This Doorstopper fits 1968-1982 Corvettes, as well as most 70’s and 80’s GM cars and trucks.

C34-SS, Single Post, Polished Stainless, $60 per pair

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Double Post: Model C56

The two post design started showing up on GM cars in the early 90’s and is now used on virtually all cars today. Some vehicles have the post mounted on the door and the latch on the car body.

doorstopper c56

doorstopper c56

If your latch looks like this, order the C56. This Doorstopper fits 1997-present Corvettes and many late 90’s to present cars from all manufacturers. More details will be posted as the information becomes available.

C56-CH, Double Post, Chrome Plated Steel, $60 per pair

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C56-PC, Double Post, Powder Coat in Black, $40 per pair

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Shipping and handling to 48 contiguous states is $12.00 per pair.
Please email us if you would like to inquire about shipping to
Alaska, Hawaii or outside the United States.